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Your Goals Need To Inspire You To Take Action

What are your goals? That has got to be a simple question, right? What are your goals? This should be at the top of your mind. Above all people a CEO should know his or her goals. Those goals should be well-written, informative, educational, strategic & organized in your life strategy masterplan. Your goals are developed with your clarity and focus in a personal strategic life strategy masterplan, right?

Well for many CEOs that’s not true. It may not be so easy, believe it or not. CEOs are people and they have problems too. There are so many things that many CEOs want to do and accomplish in life, but the question is “where do I start?”

  • Well you can always start your rough draft with your pen & paper, a chalk board, your computer,
  • your critical thinking, brainstorming & strategic thinking: by yourself or with others,
  • decision-making, problem solving abilities and talking with someone about setting your goals with implementation.
  • Then after you have some strategic thought, review and consideration, you can finalize your goals in your foundation blueprint of your life strategy masterplan.

Setting your personal performance standards with continuous education in life, college and work should be one of your main goals. Why….because doing that can get you moving in the right direction towards working to develop, plan and achieve your goals.

1st of all you need clarity and focus for what you want to achieve before you even start to set your personal goals. When you’re trying to get clarity and focus you should do some critical thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving and writing at the same time. Doing this can truly help you to develop your rough draft of your personal goals before you finalize your goals in your life strategy masterplan.

Your goals need to inspire you to take action. If not then you need to rethink things, restrategize & focus and get some quiet time alone or with someone to do some strategic thinking about how you phrase your goals and how you want to accomplish them.

Sometimes using the right terminology that you speak, write and read can work towards truly motivating you to set and achieve your goals. A CEO needs all of the motivation that he or she can get and setting goals can be that motivation.

In addition to your goal setting you need implementation and if you don’t have that then you pretty much have just wasted your time in setting or even thinking about your goals. Implementing your goals can help to support your success in life and a CEO really needs that support.

Your 2nd step in setting good goals is your strategic thinking and decision making abilities. Without those 2 you’re pretty much going nowhere fast. Strategic thinking & decision making can help to give you the focus and clarity that you need. To help you to get that clarity you need to ask yourself:

“What do I really want to accomplish? Is it small or big?

“How soon do I need to set my goals?”

“Do I need to get someone else involved?”

You goals don’t have to be hard or complicated just because you are a CEO but they do need to be written down. They could be as simple as:

  • remembering to take out the trash every Tuesday,
  • picking up your daughter every Tues-Weds from school or band practice,
  • remembering the conference that you want to go to in your neighborhood,
  • you might want to set financial goals,
  • implement strategic management into your life or your company,
  • improve your personal performance in business meetings,
  • work on your family problems,
  • set employee performance standards,
  • take a vacation with your kids,
  • work on your self-esteem, self-management & personal development,
  • work on your anger issues & your lean thinking strategies,
  • learn to do some strategic thinking,
  • get more personal quiet time at home,
  • improve on your time management techniques,
  • improve on your personal core competencies
  • having continuous education in life, college and work should be one of your main goals etc, etc…

When you don’t have clarity and focus about your goals then you are pretty much going nowhere fast. You don’t need to have goals for everything in your life but you do need some. You do need some with a structure, organization & strategy if you want to accomplish things and be headed in the right directions in your life to reach your level of success.

Setting your personal goals should become a habit in your life. Having good healthy habits like that can truly improve on your personal growth & performance, your self-confidence, leadership competencies and abilities, your personal core competencies and your life~work balance.

You need to have 2 types of goals. You need short-term goals and long-term goals for many things that you want to do in your life. Working on your short-term goals can lead you to your long-term goals. Developing a personal strategic life strategy masterplan can truly help you with this and get you to thinking about which direction that you want to go into.

You might be working as hard as you can but it seems as though you aren’t getting anywhere. That’s because you haven’t established any goals or you have miscalculated and you established the wrong goals for yourself or others and you’re going nowhere fast.

Personal goal setting is a powerful process for a CEO to do some strategic thinking and gain some personal motivation about his or her ideal future. That can help a CEO to turn his or her vision of their future into reality. Your future can be tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter and next year. Personal goal setting is used by top-level athletes & successful business-people and achievers in all stages of life. You need to try it today.

Setting your personal goals gives you motivation, long-term vision and short-term vision. It helps you to focus on your acquisition of knowledge towards what you want to do. It helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make great improvements on your life. If you plan and implement them correctly, you can greatly improve on your time management strategies and abilities in addition to your personal growth, development, transitions and transformations.

  • Are your goals clear or are they vague or are you unsure?
  • Can you show them to me?
  • Do you have a personal strategic plan for your goals or a personal goal plan?

You need to take time out of your day today to really clarify your goals, put them in your personal strategic life strategy masterplan and take action!

Having goals can help you to improve on your personal performance, your personal growth & development, leadership competencies and abilities and your personal core competencies that you need.

Developing goals is an important exercise in making progress in your life. Once you have developed your personal goal plans you can work towards progress and success in your life. What are your goals?

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