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What Is This Life Strategy Thing All About?

How are you going to get from point A to point B, C, J or Z? What directions should I take in life for my personal leadership growth? What life strategy will I use to improve on my CEO development? Should I move forward with this idea or not?

What life strategy will make my idea development any better?

What life strategy should I use to improve on my critical thinking?

Ugggh….There’s so much for me to think about? But… I’ll never fear because creating and using my daily life strategies will get me to where I need to be in my life, career, ideas, planning, relationships and business.

How will you shorten the gaps between now and where you want to be in your life or in another situation? Yep, that’s right, you will use life strategies.

Your life strategies are all about how you are going to strategically & methodically get to where you need to be. Your life strategies are your learning library of structured & scheduled, outlined, defined & detailed documented action steps. These action steps have a system and method with analysis for you to do things in an organized and prioritized manner. They help you to streamline your life’s activities.

Sometimes you have to put on your critical thinking cap and your strategic thinking cap to help you to learn how to create your life strategies. They are good with helping you to be more proficient & productive with your learning about how you will write out, label and create your rough drafts and / or concrete established ideas & plans, goals with growth strategies, habits, schedules, routines, to-do lists, time management strategies,

  • they give you methodical, strategic directions and strategic focus for your life and to create better habits,
  • they help you to develop a toolbox of transition and transformation concepts & plans for your life,
  • you’ll be able to store up ideas for you to fall back on,
  • you’ll have a plan on how to question yourself and your actions,
  • life strategies help you with your strategic self-leadership and self-management activities in various life realities & life scenarios,
  • they will help you to shorten the gaps between your mismanagement and management of your self-leadership, self-government and self-management,
  • they help you to improve on your negative attitude to become a more positive person,
  • giving you clarity and focus about the things that you want to accomplish in life or to think about,
  • how to start your day and how to end your day, meetings, vacation ideas,
  • how to maintain your motivation, self-confidence & how to deal with yourself, your attitude, actions or lack of actions, how to deal with people, they can help you to figure out how to help someone else or in a group environment.
  • they help you to think outside of the box for more innovation, creation and other things that you want to pursue in your life or to keep track of in your life.
  • Your structured life strategies will truly help to keep you in line with your self-management, self-leadership, personal motivation, making progress in your life, bouncing back from your mistakes, setbacks, frustrations with your failures & fears, analyzing things and for following your daily to-do list or other types of schedules & routines.
  • They will help you to gain clarity and focus with your management and mismanagement of your life’s successes & changes, to pursue your ideas, goals and to overcome life’s challenges,
  • They involve your strategic action planning, strategic action learning, strategic thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving & decision-making, strategic management, strategic visions or revisions, missions, goals, ideas and purpose with strategic implementation,
  • It’s about how you will shorten the gaps between now and where you want to be in your life or in another situation. They help you to do what you need to do and how you will get there.

How long does it take to develop my life strategies? Well, it takes along as you need it to take in order for you to finalize your strategies and to develop a method for what you want to do and/ or need to do in your life.

Most life strategies can be developed within 1 – week to 1 – month with some minor revisions and adjustments along the way but not too many. With too many adjustments or revisions could lead you to chaos, confusions, delusions, indecisions, setbacks, lack of focus and too many hesitations towards what you want to pursue. Doing that could cause you to scrap your current ideas and start all over again.

Which strategic directions will you take? Where is your strategic focus? What is your road map?

Yep, that’s right, you guessed it. It’s your life strategies that you will put into strategic action with your life strategy masterplan.

Now do you see where I’m going here? Life strategies are strategic methods and strategies. It involves strategic action planning, action learning, learning agility, learning ability with strategic thinking, critical thinking, strategic visions or revisions, missions, goals, ideas and purpose with strategic implementation.

You need to be a strategic thinker and critical thinker to help you to devise some great life strategies but if you aren’t then that’s ok, you can always learn.

You didn’t know that you had it in you?  You know: that je ne sais quoi, that mind blowing ability for methodical critical thinking, life strategy planning and strategic thinking?

Well I know that you do, you lil’ strategic thinker 😉 ,you?

I know you can do it!!

With the more life strategies that you create you can become more of a strategic thinker, critical thinker, strategic action taker and strategic implementer. Everyone that’s involved in helping you to create your life strategies should be committed to an inspiring strategic vision, mission, goal and purpose.

How will you shorten the gaps of now and where you want to be in your life or in another situation? Yep, that’s right you will use life strategies.

It’s a big part of your personal project management strategy, ideas and focus. Your life strategies are all about the strategic management of different aspects of your life, personal projects and personal goals. They are for both areas of your life: successes and failures.

When it comes to your successes and failures, your life strategies will give you instructions on how to bounce back from your failures and how to keep moving forward with your success in life.

Always implementing daily life strategies are a CEO’s directions for having a top quality successful life. Using daily life strategies will truly help a CEO to improve on activities related to personal growth & life management. They will help you to maintain your successes and progress in your life.

You can establish long-term strategies or short-term strategies. Your long-term strategies involve the things that you want to work on and accomplish from 3 months, 6 months to a year or more. You don’t want to create plans about things too far into your future because you might lose sight and focus about what you need to do now before you get to that point. Also, other life issues might get into your way.

Your short-term strategies are the things that you want to work on or accomplish from 1 day (daily), 1- week, 1-month, 6 months or less than a year.

There are very few people who will take the time and effort to envision their future life strategies. If you are looking into your future for say uummmm…… the next 4 years, 8, 12 or 16 year mark, then that’s a long time to be thinking ahead. It’s ok to do that and a lot of people do it for various reasons but you just don’t want to plan and strategize too far ahead. It all depends on what you are trying to do.

You can always think ahead and plan ahead to create life strategies for longer periods of time but the secret is to do it gradually. When you do things gradually you will build up to your longer-term goals. You can go ahead and make a list or plan about your longer term goals but after you do that then you need to develop your shorter-term life strategy goals to help you to buildup to your longer-term life strategy goals and aspirations.

Just know and understand that you will have to make some adjustments and changes as life goes by and as times change. Doing that can be very time consuming and you might not want to do it but sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do in order to achieve success.

That’s one of the many good reasons to only plan for and set goals for shorter time periods in order to build up to your longer-term strategy goals. As you do that then you can take things one step at a time and see where your strategic actions lead you.

When you are starting off with designing your life strategies for the goals that you want to pursue, you need to always work up to being strategic and methodical and you should start off with a rough draft.

With your rough draft, give yourself some time to think things through: critically, methodically and strategically. When you do that you can develop better clarity and focus about your goals, ideas, strategies and the directions that you want take and about the challenges that you want to overcome.

In order for you to come up with a more cohesive life strategy that’s still somewhat wide-ranging, you could look into creating your life strategies between 1- month, 3-months to 1 year.

The choice is yours and it’s all about if you want short-term strategies or long-term strategies. It’s about how you want to envision your future ideas, goals and strategies. It’s about the directions that you want to move into for your future and the challenges that you want to overcome in your future.

What goals do I want to proceed with and accomplish in my life? Creating your life strategies will get you there.

Normally, many people maintain much shorter life-strategy horizons because it is difficult and very challenging to look too far into the future and predict a direction or an outcome. In addition to that, most people do not learn why it is important to create a life strategy but never fear…….. It’s never too late for you to e-learn why and how to get started today.

When you attend your life strategy e-learning masterclass and work with me: Renee, then you and I will work on developing your life strategies for 1-month or 3-months. Doing that will help you and I to accomplish your short-term goal strategies that will help you to build up to your long-term goal strategies. After you accomplish that then you’ll greatly improve on your self-leadership goals, ideas, directions, strategies, methods & growth.

You can’t hope to be a better CEO and to have a better life. You can’t hope to be a better CEO who moves into new directions in your life. You have to do more than hope: you have to take action, strategize and plan.

In order for you to be a better CEO and to have a better life, you have to create life strategies by writing your questions, ideas, issues and goals down in your life strategy masterplan. Doing that helps you to direct your life on a daily basis to achieve optimal personal leadership progress towards having a better life and becoming a better CEO.

Your life strategies are derived from you going through your strategic e-learning about what you want to accomplish then analyzing your life’s situations, ideas, focus and challenges. When you have that analysis and when you think things through then you could have a good idea about if you should proceed with your current ideas, goals and strategies.

That analysis is derived from your thought-provoking, challenging Q & A, critical thinking & strategic thinking. After you do that you will be lead to your idea development, your problem-solving strategy, strategic methods, strategic management strategy, decision-making & goal setting then your structured & organized strategic action planning & strategic implementation.

It’s highly important that you write all of this stuff down in a special notebook or planner that’s specifically designed only for your daily life strategies and how you will implement them. It’s alright if you start out with a rough draft. Doing that will really help you to get your thought-provoking, idea development going.

After you are satisfied with your rough draft ideas and strategies then you need to lay them out in a final structured life strategy masterplan. When you do that you can strategize to implement them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly until you achieve them.

You need to anticipate and prepare for the future of all stages of your life today. Your future starts the next second, next minute, next hour, tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter and next year.

So what are you going to do? What life strategies do you have planned out?

Who’s working with you on this issue or are you a loner?

You need different types of life strategies in your life for the different levels in your life. It’s highly important for you to have strategies in your life in order for you to align your strategic decision making & strategic action planning for the directions that you want to take and for possible changes & challenges that might occur.

You do have to make some exceptions and make some room for change because life does have it’s challenges, changes & rearrangements and you will experience some of that. You can either let some of life’s changes and challenges propel you forward or make you step backwards.

What are you going to do about that? What life strategy will you use for that?

It’s about you, your actions & feelings and how you will treat life’s obstacles, challenges, changes, rearrangements, setbacks, failures and your mismanagement of things.

Sometimes you have to use a life strategy to get over those things and proceed forward towards your life strategy goals, ideas and directions.

It’s all about your thought processes, decision making, idea development, beliefs, problem solving strategy, personal vision, mission, directions & goal setting strategies. That’s what you have to go through when you work towards designing and implementing your daily life strategies. Doing all of that can lead you to your decisions about how you spend your time, energy, money, skills and other resources.

You will have great ROI if and when you create & implement your life strategies for your life activities, living and growing.

You need to strategically & methodically think carefully over how you design your life strategies. You have to really think about the directions that they are leading you in.

If you need help then you can always work with me: Renee: your Life Strategist and E-learning Educator. Do that by investing yourself, your time, attention, your energy, thoughts and actions into our life strategy masterclass. When you make that investment into yourself and your personal leadership progress can help you to improve on your life strategy goals, visions, missions, strategies, ideas, directions, dialogue, challenges, failures and successes.

You need to have a methodical strategy about how you want to accomplish things in your life. That’s what your life strategies are: your specific, methodical, strategic strategy.

If you can’t be specific then you should at least have a rough draft about some type of idea or challenge that you want to tackle. After you design your life strategies rough draft then you can create your final copy to follow.

Side note: An important note to make is: as you follow your life strategy plan you need to make notes about what you have accomplished and what you need to backtrack on or redo.

Your life strategies consist of an outline about how you’re going to achieve things and the directions that you will move into. You can update your life strategies as you accomplish them to meet your end goals.

When you make your personal decisions to take charge of the directions of your life with the creation of your life strategies then you’ll truly improve on your personal leadership growth and management. If you want to grow and progress then it’s all about the life strategies that you create and use on a daily basis.

You can be the person who sits back and who lets life or other people dictate directions to you or you can be a take charge person who dictates directions for yourself. Now which one do you choose?

You have to dictate things for yourself so that you can know definitively about the directions that you are moving into. It’s alright to get someone’s opinion about things but after that then the decisions are yours. You have to decide about what directions that you will or won’t move into.

Remember that with every decision that you make about your life strategies, you have to deal with the consequences of those actions: good or bad. Don’t get me wrong about consequences, if you make a bad decision or have a bad outcome with a life strategy then you can change things to use different life strategies and move progressively forward.

As life’s challenges and problems persist and change you have to adapt your life strategies accordingly. When you are faced with various life challenges such as personal conflicts, problems with pursing your goals etc.. You have to create life strategies to overcome those challenges.

You have to decide on how you will correct things and overcome things by deciding on what to do next. Your strategies are all about what is your 1st step to solve this problem then what is my 2nd step, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th  and on and on.

Then if none of that leads you to your goals then you have to restrategize & refocus then move forward. As times change in life, you have to adjust your life strategies accordingly then you’ll reach success. Sooner or later you have to reshape your life strategies so that you can be successfully happy with your outcomes.

Your clarity, focus and decisions lead you to your personal power then that becomes your focus that helps you to shape your life strategies. Sometimes you wont get a second chance to do things right the first time in your life. So you need to strategically and critically think about how you will design your life strategies.

There are many changes that will occur in your life and business and you have to be ready for that. Your life strategies will help you with that. With each and every change, challenge or mismanagement issue that you are faced with in life means that whether you like it or not you need a life strategy. Changing things takes a life strategy of personal investments of attention, clarity, focus, courage, time & effort. The greater the change that you want to make in life, the more effort it will take on your behalf.

Of course you will change the life strategies that you will use every month, quarter, year and season. They don’t have to be set in stone but some of them should be. They do need some flexibility but at the same time you don’t want to change them too much.

The reason why is because you could lose sight about the goals and directions that you want to pursue in your life.

When you experience new things in life you can change the directions of your life strategies or keep things the same and move in the same directions. You need to hold yourself accountable for your decisions or indecisions, your actions or inactions and the directions that you take action on. Sometimes as things change for the better or worse you can slightly alter your life strategies to fit the directions of your life’s goals, wants, needs and issues.

Will you start working on developing your life strategies today?


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