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Personal Growth Is One Of Those Wonderful CEO Things

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When you work towards getting some type of life strategy for personal growth into some area of your life then you have to maintain it daily. Your time is now!! Not tomorrow to work on your life strategy for your personal growth leadership, knowledge, transitions, development and transformations for your life.

A CEO must always maintain some type of continuous daily living, breathing and growing written personal growth strategy. Having a written life strategy for your personal growth development transitions and transformations is one of those wonderful CEO things. That is what makes you a great CEO and without it you can’t make it very far in this world.

In the long term, if you want to keep developing yourself to become a better CEO and if you want to see meaningful changes in your life then you need to maintain this type of life strategy and don’t mismanage it. It’s highly important for a CEO to have fun while improving on his / her personal growth. You have to be able to enjoy this journey to the land of personal growth and not just your destination. So have some fun!!

I am a huge extraordinary fan of life strategies for personal growth development, self-improvements and self-management and you should be one too!

But just one moment…..before we go any further to get you started on developing and improving on your life strategies for your personal growth and development….you need to stop and do some critical thinking and strategic thinking about this area of your life.

One of the first & foremost things you need & you have to have is ACCEPTANCE. Yep that’s right: ACCEPTANCE! That’s what critical thinking and strategic thinking can do for you in addition to you facing the facts about you accepting your reality on this issue.

Acceptance about your real reality about where you truly and honestly stand with your personal growth is one of those wonderful CEO things. That is something that I would sum up to as acceptance.

There is no need for you to be combative with yourself or someone else about this issue. Just face your facts and speak your truth! After you do that then you can achieve so much more in your life.

Right now at this very moment you have to do come critical thinking & gain some knowledge in order for you to accept where you stand in this situation. You need to let go from your past and move forward to your future.

You have to know, understand and accept your place in life about where you stand with your position in personal growth development or lack thereof. Acceptance means that you have to accept the reality of who you really are, how you see yourself, what you do & don’t do, your life & your situations as they really are.

You have to stop rationalizing things and making excuses about where you are in your life with your personal growth or lack of personal growth. If you are truly unhappy about that then tell yourself the truth and take some action. You have to stop rationalizing and being combative about his issue. That may also mean you have to look at areas of your life where it really can be painful to accept the status quo.

If you connect to the truth about who you really are with the status about your personal growth then you have laid the foundation for you to really see progress and growth in yourself and your life. That is the most important basis.

You have to work on this area of your life daily. In order for you to do that you just can’t talk about it you have to do some action planning with written life strategy action steps, kpi, a to-do list, a strategic goal plan and a check-up list to help you to see if you’ve made any progress.

  • Creating your personal growth progress stems from who you are as a person,
  • your strategic learning abilities,
  • what you do in your life every day,
  • your personal leadership abilities,
  • personal learning environment,
  • how you deal with feedback,
  • if you are a combative person,
  • self-management, how you manage your life,
  • master learning, how you deal with conflict, mistakes,
  • mismanagement of life issues, how you choose to make improvements,
  • how you communicate with people, how you set goals and priorities,
  • how you take action or no action in your life, how you let your problems linger,
  • how you organize your life and daily activities, anger management, conflict resolutions,
  • self-confidence, motivation, determination, how you act, personal development,
  • how you create to-do lists and follow through, how you handle procrastination,
  • how you see yourself, how you help other people etc, etc….

Without facing reality and acceptance about where you stand in this area of your life then your personal growth ideas and strategies just will not work: point, blank, period.

It involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of a person, the feelings that a person has about himself or herself, and their effectiveness in their living and growing. It includes facing reality about the realistic development of positive life skills, personal skills, professional skills and the development of a realistic pov (point of view) with a healthy focus and a healthy self-esteem in life.

Sure, you may have your flaws and imperfections, but doesn’t everybody?

Knowing that doesn’t make you a defective person. You just need a little tlc (tender loving care) from yourself and those around you. You have to take a stand in this area of your life. You have to take leadership and ownership of your personal growth strategies or lack thereof because that’s 2 of the many great things that makes you a wonderful CEO.

Working on this area of your life doesn’t have to be long drawn out and boring. It can actually be lots of fun to make you a better CEO. True enough, working on this area of your life might not be smooth sailing.

You will have some bumps in the road on your journey to developing better personal growth but don’t let that stop you. While you are on this journey; you have to use some types of life strategies to keep you going in the good times and in the bad times of life no matter what.

Even when you don’t feel like doing something to improve on your personal growth that’s the best time for you to take action. What I mean by that is it is far too often people make commitments and yet, when they get sidetracked, bored or things get a bit tough, then they stop.

Don’t stop or quit when you find yourself getting bored, tired or procrastinating. That is the best time for you to make yourself just do it anyway. After you have taken some action you will be glad that you did and then you can honestly say that you have kept yourself on track with following your daily routine for your personal growth life strategies.

If you are procrastinating today or you just don’t want to do something about working on your personal growth for today then you can stop…….take a breather for just a moment then get back to work.

But don’t procrastinate or linger around on this issue too much. You have to monitor yourself and you need to give yourself a good swift kick in your behind to get up and do something. You have to do that because if you let your laziness or procrastination linger on for another second, minute or another day then you would start to lose focus and self-control. You will not want to do anything then it will turn into another day or moment that you still won’t do anything. Then it will happen again and again.

If you work on this area of your life when you don’t feel like doing anything that will keep you motivated to keep going and going to work towards progress. Then you won’t be lazy anymore when it comes to you making improvements for your personal growth.

Don’t just work on it in the good times of life. You have to work on it in the bad times of life. During the tough, bad or challenging times of life is the best time for you to work on your personal growth because it will prove whether or not you will succeed in this area of your life. It will prove whether or not you can make it through the tough times or if you have to start over in some area of your personal growth journey and your life. You really need to take some action and then you’ll see a lot more growth and progress.

You have to know where you stand with your personal growth. After you know that and if you accept that, then you can devise your life strategy masterplan to help you to move forward in your life from there. You have to start today to make this a personal choice in your life.


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