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Life Strategy Q & A: Are You Attracted To Drama Like A Moth To A Flame?

You did it. No you did it. Tom & Becky: you both are the problem!!!! No, Kathy, you all caused this drama. No I didn’t do anything wrong so don’t blame me for it!! You make me sick!! Tom you get on my nerves. Kathy, you get on my nerves and I don’t like your point of view and your nasty attitude!!

Kathy says “You both need to stop lying and tell the truth!” Tom says: “Why don’t you tell the truth?!!” Kathy says: “I just did several days ago. I’m done with this situation and don’t talk to me  about it anymore!!”

Becky says: “It’s not over till we all come to a better conclusion!!” Tom says: “Well, that might not happen today ’cause we could have solved this drama 3 months ago and I don’t have time for this right now!!”

Kathy says: “Tom!!, YOU WILL MAKE TIME FOR THIS TODAY!!” Tom says: “NO I WILL NOT!!”

Becky says: “I’m tired of this never ending roller coaster ride of drama, lies, confusion and conflict. Oh boy…when will this drama end you know….like yesterday, like cease to exist!!”

And this terrible chaotic drama continues on & on & on & on etc, etc, etc, etc………..

It’s kind of like a never ending roller coaster ride as Becky stated.

Does that sound familiar? You know….all of the drama in your life or in the life of someone else.

Are you the culprit of all of this drama or is it someone else? Sometimes your arrogance & stuck up ego can cause more drama. It can do you all more harm than good & exacerbate your problems.

You have to deal with various relationships in your life such as good & bad personal relationships to business relationships. Sometimes stemming from those relationships comes chaotic drama that just seems to linger on for long periods of time and then again….some issues can be solved very quickly.

Dealing with those situations are a part of your personal leadership growth which leads you to your life-work management and balance or your imbalance or mismanagement.

It’s all in how you as a CEO is going to lead in those situations. So now….what are you going to do about it? What you are going to do to end the drama?

Are you going to take the lead role in these situations or just let them continue to linger in your life?

I repeat:

A part of your personal leadership growth and management is dealing with various life issues & challenges in your life such as good & bad personal relationships to business relationships. Sometimes those relationships can be filled with drama, stress you out, make you and others feel confused & live in chaos, make you lose your mental focus, happiness and tranquility.

You shouldn’t want that but then again some people crave that. Do you crave that type of life?

It’s like they have nothing else to do in their life and they always need to have some type of drama going on in their life or they try to stir it up in the lives of other people.

Too much drama leads you to more chaos in your life and that’s truly bad for your personal leadership growth. That’s the last thing that a CEO needs.

Are you causing the drama? Is it someone else causing drama or both? Are you worried about someone else’s situations? If you are then that means that you really need to work on yourself, get out of their situation & focus on you & your life. You need to improve on your personal development, your self-improvements & self-management, your mental state & your character.

Are you the person that everybody calls on to be a problem solver for their life issues? Are you going to take the leadership role in that?

Maybe you have one close friend or four who seem to have as many catastrophes in their lives for everyday of the week and they’re looking at you for solutions or they just want to drag you into the mix to be on their side. Maybe there are other people that just want to drag you into the mix even if you aren’t close to them. So what are you going to do about that?

It’s all about you and your personal leadership in these type of situations. You will either excel or fail in these type of situations. Sometimes you might unknowingly turn small issues into a major crisis and you’d like to stop feeling so overwhelmed.

You have to thoroughly analyze yourself and face your reality of life to recognize and see if you might be creating the dramas. Sometimes you have to be happy about the little things in your life and learn to let some of the big things go because you can’t change everything.

Is this dramatic situation going to matter in my life in a week, month or year from today? Well if you guess no then just let it go.

There are many ways that you can deal with the drama in your life and heal yourself. One of the best ways to deal with drama is for you to take the leadership role in these situations.

That’s a big part of your personal leadership growth analysis.

Taking the leadership role could mean that you say your final word about everything and just walk away from the situation forever or for a little while.

You have to be a strong enough leader to diffuse these situations in some way, shape, form or fashion.

You have to change your perspective about things and thoroughly analyze each situation to see if and how you can solve this. Don’t fall for the temptation of sitting there and feeding into other people’s overly dramatic situations.

Most importantly you need to stop causing these overly dramatic situations. Sometimes you can be the culprit too, don’t forget that.

Some people (maybe like yourself) are attracted to drama like a moth to a flame because some people create their own drama during peaceful, calm stages in life. You might not be so innocent.


Some people (maybe like yourself) are just plain old bored with their lives or they don’t like the way that someone else’s life is going. True enough drama does bring excitement but is that really a good thing for you to be involved in?

Should you really be trying to be like that?

They’re addicted to excitement as things begin to unfold. They’re restless and sometimes they let their ego control their lives. Hence, the reality shows on tv.

There are times in your life where you and other people deserve peace, happiness, harmony and tranquility. You can work towards peace, happiness and know how to deal with bad situations in your life through developing and improving on your personal leadership role and self-management in these situations.

Sometimes you have to work towards improving on yourself and your relations with others. This is done by you by talking through your situations with other people to help you to develop the clarity & focus that you need then you can come to a realization, clarification and acceptance. Sometimes you need an additional party like a mediator.

I’m not saying that you have to accept the drama and let it linger on in your life but you do have to accept the fact it did happen or it is happening then you have to figure out how you are going to deal with it.

Just know and understand that in your life, from now until the end of time you will come across troubling situations in your life: point, blank, period but it’s all about how you will deal with them. It’s all about your leadership in chaotic drama filled situations.

It’s about how you deal with these setbacks, failures, successes and how you work towards moving forward from a situation.

Also you need to stop causing these problems too. You might not be so innocent.

It’s about how you work towards improving on your personal leadership accountability to refocus yourself, your time, your energy, your resources, how good you help others & how you get back on track in your life. Getting back on track in your life helps you to come to a realization of your situations & to get a better understanding.

Doing that helps you to set life strategy goals for your self-improvements and develop your life strategy masterplan to work towards those improvements.

When dramatic situations happen, you just have to know how to deal with them at that moment to make situations better. When you really know how to handle things then you can move forward and make your life better for YOUR improved personal leadership growth development, transitions and transformations. Even if you are the culprit.

You can strive to work towards peace and happiness and a stress free life. You can have better relationships with others in your life if you all are willing to work together or you’re willing to work on yourself.

In dealing with these various relationships the last thing that you need is more drama from them. Having more of that can cause you to lose your mental focus on what you should be doing in your life. Too much drama can cause you to stress out and you don’t want that.

Eliminating drama out of your life or the lives of others should be one of your life strategy goals for today, tomorrow, this week, this month and this year. You have to face the facts that drama will happen to you and everyone else but it’s all about the life strategies that you will use to eliminate this drama.

Now you can work towards finding peace in the chaos of your life. You can even start a diary on the events of your life so you can take a look back to see where things went wrong and what you can do next time to solve a situation.

Your writings can help you to unearth what’s blocking you from achieving your life strategy goals to work towards becoming a better person. Doing that can help you to celebrate you successes, improve on your failures and setbacks and get you back on course towards moving in the right directions of your life.

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