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Life Strategy Lesson: Dealing With Hostile Angry People

There will be many times in life where a CEO has to deal with personal anger and anger stemming from someone else or a group of people, but the question is….how do you deal with this type of situation?

Should I scream and yell back? Should I let that person or people have the floor? Should I take control? Do we need to reschedule this meeting? Just what should I or we do?

Well it depends on the situation. If at all possible you need to maintain your composure.

However you choose to maintain your composure will show your personal growth or lack thereof. Have you ever been confronted by a hostile, angry person or group of people? So, what was your response?

With the right life strategy you can learn to better deal with angry, hostile people. Behind their violent armor; a threatening individual might feel threatened; probably not by you, but by something else or someone else. They might just be taking their anger out on you, the wrong people and things.

It’s easy to get flustered or upset when you’re confronted with an angry person; and, if you don’t know how to respond, you can easily make the situation worse. However, when you respond calmly and with empathy, you can stay in control, and you can defuse the situation in a professional, courteous compassionate way. That’s what a wise CEO should do.

Most of us encounter confrontational and hostile people at some points in our lives. These individuals may exist in our personal sphere or professional environment. On the surface, they may come across as domineering, demanding, or even abusive.

However, if you have an astute approach to this type of situation with assertive communication; then you may turn their aggression into cooperation, and turn their coercion into respect.

If it’s by you then you might not even know it until you come in contact with that person. You can calmly disengage from that situation and don’t take it personally.

It’s highly important for you to learn how to deal with an angry person even if that person is YOU. You have to learn how to defuse the situation to keep it from escalating.

How many times have you had to deal with an angry person?

In dealing with a situation like this it might be easy for you to get a little annoyed or highly upset when you’re confronted by an angry person or group of people. Once this happens and if you don’t know how to respond to this situation then it becomes too easy for you to make the situation worse.

You will be showing yourself and other people your personal leadership growth if you choose to respond and how you respond. So if you choose to respond in a hostile environment then you need to respond calmly with empathy and maintain your self-control. When you do that then hopefully you’ll get the other person or people to calm down to have a calm conversation then you or you all could defuse the situation in a professional courteous manner.

It’s all about the life strategy that you use. When you know how defuse a situation and get down to the bottom of things then that knowledge becomes one of your life strategies. You always need to have a life strategy on how to handle various hostile situations in your life.

There are lots and lots of reasons about why and how you need to deal with an angry person or people. It’s all about the life strategy that you use.

To begin; start with a life strategy to calm down the situation and you need to remain calm. After you do that then you need to work towards calming down the other people. If you create a life strategy to start off moving in the right directions then possibly they won’t take any negative action against you or others.

If you develop the right life strategy then you can you can break the emotional “spirals of escalation”. If the situation escalates then things can get out of hand and you won’t be able to solve any of the problems. The situation will really get crazy out of hand then something terrible might happen.

Now when it comes to relationships (by the way relationships are more than just boyfriend & girlfriend or husband & wife) some these same rules apply. Can anything in your relationships be more difficult and time consuming than coping with people who are angry, confrontational, obnoxious, intimidating, aggressive, manipulative, and/or hostile?

Who doesn’t encounter difficult, hostile people in some area(s) of their life?

For some people; encounters with hostile people leave them feeling naked, frustrated, vulnerable, and confused about how best to cope with the difficult people in their life.

Have you honestly stopped to think about what you truly feel like after an encounter with a difficult person?

Do you feel provoked, angry, helpless, powerless, frustrated or vulnerable?

If you do, that’s because hostile aggressive people seem to know intuitively how to push your buttons & provide you with a lack of focus to keep you off balance. Your main interpersonal objective may be to get along with a difficult person but their main objective is to dominate and control you and/ or the situations in order to have their way with you, with other people, with objects, with subject matter or situations.

But on second thought…..are you 1 of those angry people?

If it’s you then you’re going to have to work on your attitude and how you treat people but if it’s someone else, then somebody needs to help them control their attitude and various emotions. If you have nothing to do with a situation then the only thing that you can do is come up with a life strategy to better analyze things as a solution or leave the situation alone and step back from it.

Stepping back and walking away could be your best option.

You have to work towards dealing with a person’s feelings 1st. An angry person needs to have the issue(s) AND their feelings addressed in 1 situation at a time. It’s highly important that you prioritize the issues at hand then it becomes easier for you to deal with them. Remember: 1 step at a time in order to start interacting constructively.

The angrier that a person might be is your indication that it’s more important it is to try to defuse the situation, calm them down and acknowledge their anger. Ok, now we got that under control. You can do that through the use of life strategies like empathy statements and great listening techniques. Do that 1st before moving on to discussing the issue(s) and trying to resolve them.

Problem solving with angry people often results in wasted time unless they are ready to focus and calmly participate in the resolution of things.

Dealing with hostile people can be time consuming and challenging. At the same time it might be easier for you to let that person know that you will walk away from trying to help the situation especially if you can’t get through to that person or group of people. At some point in time of your life you will have to deal with these kind of people.

Most of us try at all cost to avoid confrontations but it’s impossible to avoid ALL confrontations throughout your entire life.

We all come in contact with these types of people at some point in our lives. You just have to learn, know and understand how to use the right life strategies to deal with them. However you choose to deal with this type of situation will show your personal leadership growth and success.

Now you have to ask yourself:

“How am I going to deal with confrontations at this point in my life if I come across them?”

Now it’s time for a conflict resolution, don’t ya think so?


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