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How Sociable Are You?

How sociable are you? Do you even try to socialize with other people? Do you ever even give socializing a chance? Or do you just stick to yourself in your own little cubicle of life in your office?

Hmmm, huh, what….? I can hear you. Oh that’s right I forgot….you don’t even want to socialize with me or others.

So what’s your problem?

When you think about being a more social person, are you an introvert or an extrovert? Becoming or staying a social person can be tough for many people. If you’re an introvert then you need to develop some kind of life strategy to get yourself out there and socialize. You don’t want to be stuck in this overwhelming shell of loneliness do you?

If you’re an extrovert then you need to create a life strategy to stay more social but don’t overdo it and don’t work towards putting down other introverts. Extroverts enjoy social media but they really love live life interactions with others. Most extroverts need to know and understand that they shouldn’t get upset or belittle a person who is a shy introvert.

Many who like to socialize love being outgoing, charming, cheerful and enjoying the enormous advantages of interacting with other people in their workplace or in other social functions in life. There are times in life where a more outgoing person can really gain traction and take advantage over shy, more introverted people, why?… simply because they come across as being more assertive or a take charge type of person but don’t get me wrong; there are some shy people that can be take charge type of people at work and just in life in general.

I know, I know that it can be very scary for a shy introverted person to put themselves out there to talk to new people, even if you and other people aren’t going to develop a close relationship. In order for you to break through your own social barriers and social limitations, you have to get up & take a stand in your life, bite the bullet, take some risks and fight your fears towards being antisocial or just a shy person.

It can be a good idea & beneficial for you to deliberately put yourself in life situations that you know will or might make you uncomfortable so that you can reach out to other people.

  • Do you cringe when you have to meet people?
  • I like to socialize but I’m just too scared.
  • I’m only able to connect with 1 person at a time.
  • Do you get worried or fearful when you have to be around a group of people?
  • Do you have a deep desire to connect with one person or other people but you are just too scared?

Those questions and many more need to be considered by you and answered by you. To be more social you just got to suck it up, you know…. your fears, and put yourself out there to interact with more people even if you all don’t develop close relationships.

Just simply having the interaction with other people can be a breath of fresh air to you, for you and in your life and help to put a smile on your face. Once you start interacting with other people you’ll be glad that you did.

If you are truly anti-social then you might want to consider changing that to help you to improve on your outlook of life, how you operate your life and how you interact with other people.

One of the worst things that you can do is to be an introvert, antisocial shy person who has a negative attitude with everything in life and everybody.

When you are anti-social or just too shy that might take you more time to form close friendships, casual friendships or associations. It’s important for you to know this and when you discover this about yourself, you need to make some personal adjustments.

You can start out with setting up “let’s get social routine”. You can even write it out in your life strategy masterplan.

You can take a look at other people, and how they live their lives then you need to ask yourself if it’s a good idea for you to try to socialize with a specific person or group of people and how long you should socialize with them.

You have to investigate and decide if some people have the time and patience to become friends with you. You need to get some quiet alone time to think about yourself & your actions or talk to someone to help you to decide if you are ready for more social interactions with somebody or a group of people.

You need to do some critical thinking to see if somebody or a group of people have the commitment abilities of being a close friend of yours then you have to decide if you can do the same for other people.

If your instincts do not kick in and influence you to go socialize with other people very often then you need to do some critical thinking about why this is happening to you in your life. You need to fight your fears & become more proactive about finding a solution for it.

You need to setup a couple of conditions for yourself that will help you be more social without thinking about it too much. It’s kind of like you’re just making yourself just get up and do it.

When you create this life strategy in your life strategy masterplan you can develop a weekly or monthly routine that reminds you to take an hour out of your day, week or month and follow up with an old friend, some people that you just recently met or you might involve yourself into more social functions.

Doing that can allow you to meet new people; but once you meet people and if you are blessed enough to have a few continuous interactions with them; that can let you know if you all can continue with a future interactive friendship.

But you might say that “I’m already a social person.” Well if you are then keep up the good work to try to maintain your friendships, associations, make new friends and continue to socialize at various online or public functions in life.

Being more social always starts with you and the daily life strategies that you develop to make yourself a more social person. I know that it might be hard at first, but with a little direction from your life strategy planning or coaching you can succeed in this area of your life.

You need to create a life strategy to become more outgoing. If you are an introvert or just simply antisocial or you’re just too shy; you have to take a deep breath and decide that you will take this great leap forward in your life to become and stay more social.

Even if you only obtain 1 or 2 close friends or associations. It’s important for you to have a deep desire to connect with people.

Sometimes you just have to face the facts of your life and take more risks & challenge yourself. Its important for you to observe, listen, and adjust to various situations in life. Most importantly on your quest to become more social DON’T GET DISCOURAGED.

I know that you might be thinking yeah, yeah that’s easy for you to say. Well that can get you off to a great start in your life and help you to maintain the momentum that you need to become a more socialable person but don’t get me wrong…. being an introvert can be okay if that’s what you want out of life and if that’s how you want to maintain your life.

Just know and understand that @ some point in time of your life; you need someone to talk to on occasion and someone to spend time with. Sometimes you just have to pray about this and ask the Lord in heaven to help you out in this aspect of your life and to lead you in the direction.

So, are you going to work towards being a more social person?

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