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Dealing With Difficult CoWorkers Can Be Easy

Dealing With Difficult CoWorkers Can be easy if you know the  right life strategies to use. I know that you might be thinking…wait……what…..easy? Come on….you’ve got to be kidding me, right?

What in the world are you talking about? You must be out of your mind.

Nope, dealing with difficult coworkers can be easy if you know the right life strategies to use. When you are dealing with situations like this can truly help to shine some positive light on your personal leadership growth.

It doesn’t matter how many coworkers that you are dealing with: it can be 1 to 101. It’s all about the type of life strategy that you use to diffuse those situations. Will you take the lead role in diffusing workplace conflict & come up with some insightful resolutions?

You might say “I’m dealing with difficult people here, not easy people.” I know that and like I said “Dealing with difficult coworkers can be easy if you know the right life strategies to use on a daily basis.”

No matter who you are; CEO, entrepreneur, manager or employee; you need to strategize, do some critical thinking and strategic thinking, brainstorm and set some goals to help you to deal with difficult coworkers on a daily basis.

Dealing with difficult co-workers can be tough at first then sometimes things can get easier, even for a CEO. It’s all about the type of life strategy that you will use to be your coping mechanism to deal with them.

Dealing with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, family, friends, associates and strangers is apart of life. Now you have to figure out ways to handle them.

So what are you going to do?

At work sometimes you just got to do deal with these types of people until you or they no longer work there or you or they move to another department.

There are times when a difficult coworker can interfere with your ability to perform. Some people are chronically difficult and others are difficult because of a specific problem that they’re facing.

I can bet that at some point in time on the job in your past or present, you have dealt with these types of people. If you are still dealing with them now, again I repeat “What are you going to do about them?”

No matter what the case may be; their attitude and behaviors can affect you and how you work. Then again, maybe not.

When this happens, you are left wondering how to deal with them, if you should get someone else involved and how to defuse various situations. After you have analyzed and dissected the possible problems then you need to work towards solutions.

Use your life strategy to stay calm and get a level head. You need to tell people that you need to think for a moment before your react or overreact. Don’t engage into negative behaviors or limit your interactions with difficult people and difficult situations like your coworker(s) is displaying. You are better than them. You need to show more positive actions and behaviors.

Don’t let things get too far out of hand and become worse….step back, think and involve a 3rd party. Your goal is to seek a resolution, not a continued argument.

You can work towards setting goals to making changes in how you interact with them. You need to construct a specific strategic life strategy plan for achieving these goals. Make sure that the goals that you set are measurable, specific and realistic.

If you do decide to confront a difficult coworker then contact them through your email, a phone call or get someone else to set up a time to speak with them face-to-face.

After you do that & if possible; your meeting should take place face-to-face in a calm environment and not over the phone, by memo or by e-mail. To learn to diffuse as many situations you need to become a more active listener.

By doing this you can work towards better gathering of information and you can strategically think about things. With chronically difficult coworkers you can document their negative words and actions.

This will give you some ammunition against them if they try to deny what they are doing or point you out as being the cause of problems.

But above all things you need to know, understand and recognize when you need extra help. You might be able to ignore some difficult people if they are generally annoying and they don’t have a direct impact on your work.

If they bully you and you have to work with them on a daily basis or every once in a while; then it’s time to take action. Don’t just sit there and take it. Develop a backbone with a life strategy to find a solution to your problems. With a life strategy you could improve on your tolerance of people like this.

You could see if they need more positive motivation from you or others. Many people are difficult because of their problems from home or other coworkers. It could be something about you that they don’t like.

Are they having problems with other coworkers and are they spreading their frustrations onto you?

You could see if they are having problems with various tasks that you could help them with. If they really get out of hand and become just too difficult for you to deal with or you just don’t want to deal with it; then you might have to involve a third party for help.

Try to understand what perspective a difficult coworker is coming from. Sometimes you might have to see what objectives and motivations are influencing their behaviors.

You can develop a life strategy of a positive frame of mind to look at things differently to work towards defusing conflict. You might have to distance yourself emotionally from the problem to stay calm, collected and in control at all times.

Don’t get defensive or let your negative feelings boil over the top.

You might have to ask yourself “Now if I overreact or get angry too fast what will happen?” “What lesson will I learn?” “If I let them walk all over me, what will happen?” “What kind of person will I become?”

Whether you do anything or not is all up to you and there will be a lesson for you to learn from all of this. Sometimes a little positivity can go a long way.

If things get too out of hand and If there are no positive aspects to your coworker relationship then then you might have to get others involved or leave that company.

If other people aren’t helping you out good enough then you might have to consider leaving that company or taking the proper actions to get away from that person or people.

You’re going to have to find some peace and sanity somewhere.

Wherever that somewhere is, it is all up to you and how you handle things.

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