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Critical Thinking: Do CEOs Collaborate With A Life Coach?

Do CEOs collaborate with a life coach? Hmmm….interesting question let me do some critical thinking about this: Hmmm….again I ask myself: “Do CEOs collaborate with a life coach?”

Well I guess not because they’re you know…. All Mr. and Mrs. Independent, I’m too high and mighty to use a life coach because I’m a CEO and I don’t need any help ‘cause once again I’m Mr. or Mrs. high and mighty CEO.

I’m on top of the world and I don’t need some life coach telling me how to live out my life on a daily basis. I can do it all alone you see because I’m the CEO, you know, I’ve made it this far in my life and I don’t need some life coach in my life.

Yep that’s right, I don’t need a life coach that’s my conclusion. I’ve decided that I don’t need life strategies. I have all of the life strategies that I need to direct me and my life and especially for my life-work balance and my personal leadership growth.

I can get it together by myself but….. (thinking to myself) on second thought…. I do need some help with developing a life strategy about some of my life challenges and sometimes it is lonely at the top being a CEO without someone that I can resonate with.

Also I need good life strategy ideas so that I can work on this meeting that I’ve got coming up and working on examining my personal values, strengths and priorities to bring balance to all aspects of my life. I do need some ideas on how to improve on my personal leadership growth goals about my self-direction, self-motivation, self-reflection, self-awareness, self-leadership, self-improvements with implementation and my self-management.

When it comes to my life inside and outside of business….hmmm…how am I going to balance all of that out?

  • I do need a life strategy to work on my personal leadership growth,
  • I need a life strategy to work towards more success in my life,
  • I need to simplify some situations,
  • I need to try and achieve some of my goals for this quarter,
  • my son has this art event coming up but at the same time I have an out of town meeting to go to,
  • me and Julia have not been getting along concerning the details of this trip,
  • I really need to work towards conquering some of my fears & challenges,
  • I do need a life strategy to work on my motivation,
  • I need to clarify my personal visions & missions,
  • I do need to work on my negative attitude,
  • I really do need more clarity, focus, direction, action and results in my life then I have to……

Well then again I might need some help on how to get things together and how to improve on my life management strategy then I’ll have it all together. Today I will work with a life coach so that I can get it all straightened out then I’ll have everything well put together.

When I work on that area of my life I can get into being a more well-rounded person. That leads me to being a better CEO of me in my life and in my business and for becoming an all-around better person then becoming an all-around better CEO.

So the question still remains……Do you think that CEOs need to work with a life coach? Should you work with a life coach? The answer is resounding No. CEOs don’t work with a life coach they work with a life strategist who’s their life strategy teacher and elearning educator: Renee.

So the question still remains……Do you think that CEOs need to work with a life coach?

As I stated the answer is a resounding NO. CEOs don’t work with a life coach they work with a life strategist. CEOs work with their life strategy teacher & elearning educator: Renee, who gives them a personal growth analysis, who helps to assess a CEO’s current life strategy directions, ideas, q & a, challenges, problems, management & mismanagement of life issues about their personal leadership growth strategies.

Doing that gives a CEO a better life strategy education for better guidance in many avenues & directions of their lives.

As I mentioned before, they don’t work with a life coach, they work with a life strategy teacher & elearning educator: Renee, who helps them to balance their eLearning life goals with those of doing business.

Many CEOs & leaders need to work with their life strategy teacher & e-learning educator Renee who helps them to weave many life strategies into their lives for their implementation of their personal leadership growth development, transitions, transformations & management.

Many CEOs need to weave life strategy e-learning education into their lives on a daily basis to eliminate chaos, confusion, lack of direction and focus. Correcting that is for better life management and better personal leadership growth.

Many CEOs want this type of direction into their lives because they have so much going on in their lives.

Starting with personal leadership growth challenges such as

  • e-learning to facing the reality of personal failures and chaos,
  • e-learning to communication with others and self-awareness building skills,
  • to working on their soft skills and hard skills,
  • life-work balance issues, eliminate draining tasks and commitments,
  • reorient your life around your values, and establish boundaries that support you,
  • e-learning to expect more of others’ and yourself,
  • e-learning that your life will get simpler, easier and less stressful etc, etc….

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality to balance it all out without a life strategy of a holistic approach in order to get some clarity and focus into your life. Those are some of the many reasons about why you should start today to invest into working with me: Renee, because your life strategies await you through our strategic collaborations in your Life Strategy Masterclass.

You shouldn’t want to let your life problems and challenges linger for too long because that could be devastating for you and your life. Doing that could turn into an even bigger colossal mountain for you to climb in your life with additional challenges & failures waiting ahead for you to face in your life.

CEOs and executives also want thought-provoking feedback, advice, mentoring & guidance into their lives because they have to make many big & small decisions daily and they know that they don’t know it all. There’s a big difference between wanting advice and taking the advice given. Your life strategy teacher will communicate to you in ways that make it far more likely that you will act upon implementing the good life strategy ideas that will be given to you.

You’re a high-achiever who wants to enjoy meaningful success in your life and career. You know you’re built for more and you’re itching to discover what it’s like to finally reach your potential success in many aspects of your life’s situations & challenges.

You don’t want to deal with a lot of life strategy challenges and problems that will bring you down. You want to keep your momentum high and you want to live off of this high continuously but true enough you will have ups and downs in your life. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you won’t have other life challenges & problems to deal with. Therefore you need to invest into your life strategy teachings and strategic elearning in your life strategy e-learning masterclass.

You need to decipher through your life’s challenges and other issues to put yourself on the right path towards self-improvements, better self-management, personal leadership growth goals, development, transitions and transformations, therefore you need to invest into obtaining your life strategy teachings and e-learning in your Life Strategy Masterclass.

About me: Renee,

Your Life Strategy Specialist,

Teacher and E-Learning Educator Says:

I help CEOs & other leaders step into their own greatness in life with a life strategy of a holistic approach and that’s a fantastic life journey for them and for me!

With the CEOs that I collaborate with; I’m a catalyst and coach for them, they are just like you. They’re high achievers in leadership who want to succeed in doing something that matters in their lives such as working on their personal leadership growth and that’s the point where I come into your life.

You and I can start collaborating today to work towards our bonding time and for me to become your sounding board to help you to buildup your personal leadership growth e-learning strategies.

Sometimes some CEOs don’t feel like high-achievers because it’s lonely at the top and they are the only or main strategy developers, decision makers and sometimes the only implementers. They all want personal growth fulfillment in addition to giving back to others in some meaningful way, shape, form or fashion.

They need to e-learn to share leadership and delegate. They need to improve on team building in their personal life and business life. These skills are all about cooperation, not the competitive: swim-with-the-sharks type of negative attitude and approach that the other upper echelons of business are known for.

To me, my clients are like Olympic athletes, they are the best of the best & they’re better than the rest. Just like high achieving elite athletes in life, they need a life strategy teacher & e-learning educator like Renee, in their corner to help them to defeat a negative mentality, to help them to defeat new & upcoming challenges, q & a & problems and their approach of swimming with the sharks mentality in order to win now and win again in life. That’s what I do best!

I call that approach Life Strategy Teaching & E-learning Education for High Achiever CEOs.

I could call it life coaching or business coaching or executive coaching, but the truth of the matter is….if I do that then I will not exemplify what I do best for CEOs which is to create life strategies for them to implement for their personal leadership growth. I’m a holistic life strategy educator who helps you to encompass all aspects of your life to create life strategies to defeat your life’s challenges because that’s what makes you a well-rounded CEO.

You do have many facets of your life that are all intertwined, it’s like a big confusing spider web of your life challenges where one or several issues that leads to another challenge or problem and another and another, etc, etc… Those cobwebs need to be untangled with your implementation of one or several life strategies at a time: one after the other, after the other etc, etc….

If you don’t get out of this tangled up spider web and you don’t have one or several aspects of your life under control with proper implementation of your life strategies with management; then you won’t be a well-rounded CEO.

Your life will be off balance, chaotic, confusing, and overwhelming. You’ll continue to face a never-ending cycle of a continuous chaotic & confused spider web of some of the same life challenges & mismanagement issues without a break.

Going through that will truly make you tired and you won’t get a second chance to make things a new beginning again in your life. You won’t become and maintain your status quo as a phenomenal CEO. You don’t want that, do you?

Use your life strategies to maintain your status quo as a phenomenal CEO by Starting Here

If you think you’d like to have me in your corner as your collaborative strategic partner in your personal leadership growth goal strategy then we can work together. Let’s set up your one day life strategy e-learning orientation.

Our orientation will help you and I to figure out & explore your life goals, q & a, challenges & ideas and to see if we are compatible to work together to see about helping you to achieve your personal leadership growth SUCCESS.

Email me today, Renee: info (a) CEO Life Strategies . com or Start Here.

Life is short, sweet & challenging, so what are you doing with yours? That’s right you are going to start making good solid life strategies to live by in your Life Strategy E-Learning Masterclass. Now, on you mark, get set, lets go….

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