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CEO’s Top 12 Life-Work Balance Strategies

1. Educate Yourself: Learn, Know & Understand: What is life-work balance?

You need to educate yourself on life-work balance so that you can learn, know and understand what it is and how it can work for you. Without education you have little to no success in life. Without knowledge you could have a hard time dealing with achievements, helping others, bouncing back from failures, depression, challenges, stress and other problems.

Your life-work balance strategy is for YOU. Everybody’s life-work balance strategy and plans are different. So what works for you and how you manage your life might not work for someone else or it could. You don’t have to always go to college to educate yourself. You can learn from general life experiences. That’s if…. you really want to learn.

Educate yourself: What is life-work balance and how can it work for me?

Well, life-work balance is not about living a perfect life. It’s about the life strategies that you will use to better manage the life that you already have and many CEOs need that. Therefore, life-work balance is really life-work strategies & management. It’s all about how you manage your life, career, relationships and business in the good times and bad times of life.

It can work for you no matter who you are. It can work for you by helping you to develop strategies, routines with some flexibility to better manage various issues in your life. It’s about having better strategies, management and direction in your life, career and business.

You can work towards developing a life-work balance strategy plan for yourself and your family. A family strategy should be done with you and your family. It’s beneficial to get their input and ideas. It has a lot to do with your personal leadership abilities and your management abilities. With those 2, along with your life strategies, goals and plans, you can accomplish so much more in your life.

2. Develop Your Life Strategies:

You have to set some type of life strategies and life management plans which include your personal strategic plan and your life-work balance plan developed together. Don’t be afraid of the word “strategic”, it just means that you should keep things in your life prioritized, organized, in order with routines and not live in chaos and overwhelm.

Your personal life strategy plans can help you to get some routines in your life. Life strategy masterplans are evolving documents that grow with you throughout your years. They have flexibility & you can diversify them.

Your personal life strategies help you to establish your goals, plans, prioritizes and organization on how you want to grow and evolve in your life, how to bounce back from failures, how to manage various issues in your life, career and business. Creating your life strategies can help to make your life easier to manage because you can eliminate living in chaos, you’ll know where you are going, how to get there, how to stay on track and you’ll have more control in your life with improved personal management abilities.

3. Strategic Management: You need Structure & Routines:

You can include a form of strategic management into your life such as structure and routines. It’s about structure, organization, prioritization, routines, time management and having overall improved life management abilities. Don’t be afraid of the word “strategic”, it just means that you should keep things in your life organized and not live in chaos.

It’s about controlling your time and your actions or in-actions. It’s about knowing how to get back on track if you make mistakes, failures or another tragic incident. You need to learn to do things on time no matter what it is, even if you hate doing it.

Better management helps you with your time management, your analysis, decisions, problem-solving and actions in your life. It provides overall direction in your life and helps you to allocate your needed resources to implement the things that you want to do or need to do in your life. With strategic management in your life you can have some flexibility, better management and life-work balance.

4.You Can Ask For Help:

It’s lonely at the top being a CEO, business owner, founder or professional but you don’t have to be up there alone when you can reach out and ask for help to improve on your life-work management issues. A CEO is not above asking for help.

You can ask for help to improve on your life-work management from a friend, coach, confidant, co-worker, family member or associate.

No matter what issues you are dealing with now you need to, stop, do some critical thinking to strategically think about your issues and get the training and coaching that you need. You need to ask for help today!

5. Make Time For Others And Be Healthier

Did you know that helping others can make you healthier and improve on your life-work balance? That’s something to think about. Sometimes in life you got to make time for others by volunteering your time and attention. You can learn to be more caring and giving to others.

To improve on your work-life balance you should make time for others in your family, friends, co-workers or helping others. You can volunteer your time and attention to your child, at a local charity marathon, a local shelter, to a person who just needs to talk etc, etc, etc… Doing this can help you to improve on your relations with others, helping you to relate to other people, improve on your personal development, progress & growth, your health, your life-work management & balance.

6. Make Time For Yourself And Be Healthier

Did you know that making time for yourself can make you healthier and improve on your life-work balance? That’s something to think about. You need to make time for yourself to be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can become healthier by drinking more water, exercising, eating healthier, taking an art class, relaxing, getting more sleep, going to church, improve on your personal development, meditating, having alone time, reading a book, take a private vacation at home or on a trip etc, etc, etc…. Doing things like these can truly help you to improve on yourself and your life-work balance.

7. Set Boundaries

Sometimes you’ve got to set boundaries in your life. You need to draw a line in the sand saying, “Don’t cross this boundary with me.”, but you can also include a little flexibility but not too much. You don’t have to be evil or mean to others but just peacefully let them know your boundaries. You can learn to say no and yes more often. It all depends on why & what you say no or yes to.

You really need a balance between saying yes and no. Sometimes it can be difficult in life to really know when to say yes or no. Many times you have to go by the facts presented to you or you have to go by your gut instinct. Whatever the case may be, you have to set boundaries with routines but you can allow for a little flexibility in your actions.

When it comes to setting boundaries, there are times when you can talk about work to others, your friends or family members but you should limit how often that you do this and limit what you talk about. You need to set boundaries when some people may feel that you’ll say yes to something all the time and they take advantage of that fact and they end up using you.

You see, times like those and other situations you need to set boundaries. As I stated before, you don’t have to be cruel, evil or mean to others, you can also include a little flexibility but you have to set boundaries somewhere in your life.

Just don’t let your various issues takeover your home-life or your work-life. Setting boundaries can truly help you to improve on your life strategy of life-work management.

8. Have Flexibility

You can have flexibility in your life but not too much. Having too much flexibility can cause you to lose your focus and lead you to chaos in your life.

Having flexibility can be good at times for you and your family but you have to set boundaries and know and understand when there is too much. You have to have flexibility in your life to make room for mistakes, changes, failures and misunderstandings and success.

Once you make a little room for situations like those then you can go right back to your regular routines and greatly improve on your life strategy of life-work balance.

9. Reduce Or Eliminate Chaos

In your life you need to reduce or eliminate chaos, stress, overwhelm, disorganization etc, etc… If you don’t learn to eliminate those issues from your life, you’ll constantly be putting out fires in your life.

Is your life in disarray? Are you always stressed out? Are you always operating your life and career haphazardly?

When you answer questions like those and similar one, you know that you have a lot of work to do. Living in chaos or disorganization can cause you to be upset alot, have a nasty attitude with others or become stressed out. This is not good and chaos is bad for your health and overall life strategies, life-work management and balance.

If you ever get off of your routine and find yourself or others stressed out or operating in chaos, then something needs to be done to straighten things out.

You need to stop and find some personal alone time to find out where you went wrong and develop a life strategy masterplan to help you to get back on track. This is one of the many good reasons to always have a routine and action plan to get you back on track with improving your life & your daily living routines. With a life strategy of routines and life-work balance you can’t go wrong.

10. Make Self-Improvements:

Making self-improvements is all about your personal development and your professional development. You might have noticed in yourself that you need improvements or maybe someone told you this. You need to get your mind right and make improvements to yourself. No matter who you are, everyone needs some kind of improvements.

You can make self-improvements by eating healthier, creating or eliminating habits, drinking more water, getting to work on time, try not to be shy, exercise more, stop picking fights, stop over analyzing things, be more helpful to others, improving on your personal or professional development, stop being racist, improve on your business skills etc, etc, etc…..

Once you see and actually make self-improvements you will turn out to be a better person, better leader and better manager in your life.

11. Stay Motivated & Remember This Is A Continuous Process

You have to know, understand and remember this is a continuous evolving process and YOU HAVE TO STAY MOTIVATED TO WIN. To come out on top and be successful in life you have to stay motivated to do good and keep moving in the right direction.

Yes, it’s true that sometimes you might have to deal with a difficult situation that could throw you off of your life-work balance track and you’ll lose your motivation. But you have to stop….think….and look at where things went wrong, where did the curve ball come in at? Now you have to figure out a way to fix things.

You can stay motivated by reading your bible, daily reading over your own top 12 list, talking to a friend, talking to your life strategy teacher, use motivational quotes, looking at a picture, continuous thoughts and ideas etc, etc…

Usually written words that are easily accessible are best to keep you motivated.

Without some type of motivation you might have little to no success with putting life-work balance into your life. Throughout your entire life and career you will have to deal with life-work balance issues. Therefore you need a strategy and plan to help you to manage it all.

This world is constantly changing, also you and your life are constantly changing so you have to be able to go with the flow or get left behind living in chaos. For these reasons and others you’ll always need a solid life strategy masterplan. you will have ups and downs, successes and failure but you just have to know and understand that you need to have some form of life-work balance in your life today and everyday!

12. Get Started Today!

Get started today on your life strategy masterplans for better life-work balance. You need to get started on managing your life & work issues.

The longer that you wait to make improvements, sometimes things can get worse in your life.

Having a life-work management strategy in your life can be 1 of the best things that you can do for yourself. So don’t hold back any longer and get started on your life-work balance strategies and plans today!!

What are your ideas for your top 12 list for your life-work management strategy and plan?

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