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Are you stuck living in your past?

Depending on your life and living situations, sometimes reminiscing about your past is ok. Don’t make that the center of your life because reminiscing about the past is one thing but we all know most definitely that you can’t go back to it.

So why are you mentally staying stuck there?

Don’t get me wrong….thinking about old memories is okay and you can have reflection but then turn around and move forward.

Your past is one of those tricky things where it can be both good and bad for you to think about.

There is a big difference between thinking about the past and trying to relive it. Sometimes trying to relive it can mess you up in life.

Sometimes we live in the past because it’s familiar, we know what happened and there are no surprises. Think about why you watch reruns of your favorite old TV shows over and over again, you might think about an old situation that might have happened at work, school or at a family gathering.

This is what happens when you live in the past, sometimes you choose to stay stuck there because it’s familiar and you know about many things that happened.

When the past was really good, you feel like you can live there forever because just thinking about it gives you a feeling of comfort and happiness; then again…you choose to think about it because you are depressed or you have unresolved issues.

We all struggle with this kind of mindset sometimes, and if you’re struggling right now, it’s time for you to strategically think ahead, to push through and if needed get a Life Strategy Coach to help you.

There are plenty of things that you can do to move forward in your life. With the right strategies, plans and actions, you can move forward.

Now is the time for you to do some strategic thinking and look at the cold-hard truth: the past…it is what it is. Another truth is, with the right life strategies and actions, you have the power to move forward & overcome your issues no matter what obstacles seem to get in your way.

Today and tomorrow are new days filled with new opportunities, possibilities, clarity, options, focus, joy, happiness and goals.

So start moving forward with:

  • Start with strategic thinking and clearing your mind so that you can focus on today and tomorrow.
  • Get a pen and a notebook to jot down your strategy for how you will move forward in your life.
  • Use your past as a learning curve then develop life strategies to push forward and succeed from there.
  • Remember that sometimes and only sometimes it’s ok to think about the past but not continuously and don’t try to live there.
  • It’s gone, so move forward with your life.
  • Remember that feeling and being stuck in the past are 2 different things.
  • Look at how you’re feeling, your actions, what you’re thinking and how you plan to respond to your issues of the past.
  • Sometimes reminiscing over the past can hurt and be painful but with the right life strategies, clarity and focus you can plan to mentally move forward in your life.

Now is the time for you to move forward in your life and to develop a new outlook & perspective on your life. Get started today!

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